Nicky Hambleton-Moans

For some reason I always end up watching some part of 10 Years Younger on a Wednesday evening.

The thing is I don’t really know why I do it to myself because I can’t stand the presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones. I can barely look at the screen when she’s on it.

If anyone could do with looking 10 years younger, then it’s her. Those glasses she wears are terrible and so unflattering. We did a quick straw poll in the office to guess her age and the average was 44 – she’s actually 37!

What’s more, she never actually looks like she likes any of the people she helps on the programme. She just looks really insincere and as if she can’t wait to get away from them.

I’d even take Trinny and Susannah over Ms Jones and that’s saying something. Grrrr!