Nikki Spencer

Name: Nikki Spencer
Age: 25 Occupation: PGCE student
Location: Leeds

Nikki has a lot to thank languages for – learning German helped her find love. She met her German boyfriend when he was studying in England and claims that speaking each other’s native tongue greatly enhances their relationship as they have an increased understanding of each other’s cultures.

First learning German at GCSE, Nikki progressed with the language to degree level, taking joint honours in German & English at The University of Nottingham. Although she has been interested in languages since her school days, she picked up most of her German by immersing herself in the culture and living in Germany – spending one year as a language assistant in a primary school in Rostock, Northern Germany, followed by twelve months in Hanover as a bilingual assistant in a German speaking kindergarten.

Speaking the language gave Nikki a fantastic experience of the country and culture, and she’s still regularly in touch with all the friends she made in Germany.

Currently training to be a primary school teacher, Nikki would love to use her skills to help pupils get to grips with languages from an early age.

As she says,
“Languages can be such a benefit to all young people – they open up the world, provide access to other cultures and allow you to be more mobile.”