Not sure he’s a ‘Boris’…

We’ve done it! After a year of shall-we-shan’t-we, we’ve finally taken the plunge and got a dog. Well, almost got one.

We’ve paid our deposit and in four weeks he’ll be all ours. We’ve chosen a chocolate brown Labrador because Labs are so good with kids. I had one years ago who was the soppiest thing.

Now all we’ve got to do is decide what to call him. The only name most of us can agree on is Boris.

Most people we’ve told seem to think we’re naming him after the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, which I can assure you we’re not!

Anyway, if you’ve got any ideas for names I’d love hear to them.

Any tips on how to help my two cats cope with having a puppy in the house would be gratefully received, too. We’re having a stair gate fitted so the dog won’t be able to go upstairs and the cats can treat the bedrooms as their own. As if they don’t already!