‘Now I know what Marilyn was singing about!’

Lots of people I know, even single girls, are already decided on what sort of engagement ring they want.

But I’ve never been much of a girly girl, and ever since my man proposed in November I’ve been almost dreading ring shopping.

He chose not to buy the ring before he got down on one knee because, and I quote, ‘I thought you might want something a bit weird.’ Thanks for that, Jackson!

He was right, though. The last thing I wanted was a solitaire diamond ring, just like everybody else.

We went down to Brighton last weekend to get a ring. I was determined to come back with something unique. Something that people would really notice.

But, every shop window I looked in, it was the sparkly diamonds that caught my eye. And try as I might to find ‘something weird’, guess what I came away with?

Yup, a simple, traditional, diamond solitaire. (Which, by the way, I love more than anything.)

I hope I have better luck making the wedding a bit more original. We decided to get married in France at Cazenac, as it’s cheaper than doing it in this country. Fingers crossed that should do the trick!