Oh bananas!

Trying to be healthy I decided we needed to up our fruit intake at home and made a load of smoothies. The kids were well excited as they loaded blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, grapes and orange juice into the blender.

‘Oh,’ said Haydn when it was ready. ‘I’m not drinking that, it’s got bits in.’
‘It’s nice,’ said Eliza, who drank two mouthfuls and then cleared off quick.
I tried to persuade my husband Martin to have some by telling him how much money I’d spent on fruit but even he wasn’t interested.
‘I might have some later,’ he said, making himself a coffee.
Which left me. And not wanting the whole lot to go to waste, I drank it. All of it.
I hadn’t thought what effect this would have on my innards. But as my colon only ever sees a banana about once a fortnight, it must have gone into shock.
Not wishing to put too fine a point on it, the effect was like drinking liquid gunpowder.
What do you do to get your family to eat healthily? There’s no point in me forking out a fortune on fruit and making smoothies again if no-one’s going to drink them and I can’t risk being the human drain again.
At least when the fruit bit back I was in the comfort of my own home though. Unlike the poor souls on this video!

Apester Lazyload