Oh no, not Peter Crouch too?

The woman, who calls herself Monica Mint, claims Peter paid her more than £800 for a romp in the back of a taxi and at a hotel.

The incident is reported to have taken place while Peter was in Spain for a stag weekend, a year after he and Abbey Clancy announced their engagement. 

After being introduced at a nightclub, Peter and the 19-year-old Algerian-born prostitute are said to have left in a taxi together and gone back to a 3-star hotel until the early hours.

Miss Mint told the News of the World that: ‘Peter was humble and kind. The Spanish players are arrogant divas who treat me like a whore. I don’t think Peter is good looking, but he is a nice person’.

She said she was unaware Peter was engaged adding: ‘I can’t believe he paid for sex with someone like me when he has a gorgeous woman like her at home’.

Peter Crouch’s fiancée Abbey Clancy was still wearing her engagement ring while filming last night but has refused to comment on the situation until she and Peter meet face-to-face. 

According to the Daily Mail, Abbey is believed to have called Peter and screamed: ‘I can’t believe this. How could you humiliate me? Am I not good enough for you?’

Abbey’s friend said: ‘Abigail is utterly devastated. How would anyone feel at learning that?

‘She tried to put a brave face on things and got through the day as best she could like a professional but you could see she was in pieces from the news. Abbey doesn’t know what to think and feels really hurt’.

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