Once bitten forever smitten

Because of it’s high burning point, goose fat makes the most delicious roast potatoes – all crunchy and golden with a wonderful flavour. This Christmas I am cooking mine with Goose Fat by Cook & Co, £2.49 from Tesco.

Here are my tips for perfect roasties:

* Always par-boil the potatoes first for 8-10 minutes.

* Drain well and give them a good shake in the pan to roughen up the edges.

* Sprinkle with flour to give a crisp exterior and fluffy, soft interior.

* Make sure your roasting pan is big enough – if they are too close together they won’t go crunchy.

* Allow 4tbsp of goose fat for every 500g of potatoes.

* Heat the fat until it’s smoking hot before adding the spuds. Don’t turn them. Leave them to brown on one side and then turn.