Otis has arrived!

He’s arrived! Our chocolate brown Labrador puppy is the most beautiful little dog and none of us can believe he’s ours. It took us forever to choose a name. He started out as Buddy. then became Bruno, was Boris for a while but finally ended up as Otis.Although my eldest son says he’s going to call him Mutley no matter what the rest of us say!

Anyway, we took Otis out in the garden on his lead last night and his tail didn’t stop wagging! The cats, Fred and Archie watched suspiciously from a distance but Otis is so small they didn’t seem him as a threat so there was no hissing and blowing up like a spiky balloon.

I’d forgotten how baby like puppies are. When he got tired he started whimpering until he found himself the perfect spot (on the floor tucked up against the settee) for a doze. After a while, Fred took up his usual position curled up on the cushions and just looked at him as if to say : ‘What on earth is that?’

I bet that’s what he was thinking this morning when he smelt what Otis had done. He’d managed to stink entire the entire ground floor of the house. How can something so small be so smelly?!