Paul O’Grady collapses

Paul O’Grady has been struck down sick again – just a week after a virus forced him to take a week off.

Doctors have ordered the star to rest after he collapsed at home.

‘I fainted in the shower on Monday morning,’ he says. ‘I was taken to the London Hospital and they X-rayed my legs, my chest and my arm. But it turned out just my foot had swollen so I went to work.

‘But as soon as I sat in front of the cameras I started sweating. I was in a half daze.

‘I feel terrible, every time I get up I’m dizzy. I’ve been delirious. I’m rattling with antibiotics,’ he tells The Sun. ‘But I’ll be back next week — I don’t care if it’s in a wheelchair!’

Paul, 52, who has been under medical supervision since suffering two heart attacks, will be replaced by guest presenters on his chat show.

‘Fortunately some of his friends have stepped up to the mark,’ a Channel 4 spokesman tells the Daily Mirror. ‘We hope Paul will be fit to return on Monday.’

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