Peter Andre’s secret show

It was Pete’s turn to look after the kids this Bank Holiday weekend. So where did he take Junior, Princess and Harvey? To a secret garden party at the Crazy Bear Hotel in Stadhampton.

The singer looked tired and thin but took comfort in cuddles from the kids not to mention plenty of praise and support from the crowd. With camera crew in tow, the day was captured on film for his new TV programme.

The singer had only confirmed his place at the 1,000+ guest only garden party hours before he took to the stage.

Performing just three songs, including his current single, Behind Closed Doors, he started the gig by telling the crowd: ‘This is an acoustic set and for anyone that likes to read anything into lyrics, you’ll like these three!’

This was a clear dig at his ex, Katie Price, as it emerged the Crazy Bear may well have been his second choice after she allegedly scuppered his holiday plans by revealing where he and the kids had intended to spend the long weekend. Saying on her Twitter feed: ‘Heard Pete doing shoot with the kids in Sardina (sic) an going Tues don’t know why he is doing a shoot he has set up every other one in papers sad!’

Sound problems cut Pete’s set short and the singer didn’t hang around for the rest of the evening’s entertainment. With Junior under his arm, one fan shouted out that he should get back together with Katie. ‘What?’ said the startled singer, ‘Why on earth would I want to do that?’

Oh dear, looks like there really is no love lost with this pair. Peter Andre

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