Pets don’t like fireworks

Last weekend a couple of bombs landed on the roof of my house and then God got stuck in, throwing furniture angrily around the sky. At least that’s what one of my cats thought. She fled upstairs, squished herself firmly under the bed and refused to come out for the rest of the evening.

Bonfire Night starts in about August where I live and finishes sometime in February and during this time we have to try and explain to our cats that there isn’t a loud banging monster coming to eat them. Beaker isn’t actually too bothered by the noise, but Bunsen is really terrified.

This weekend there will be fireworks displays taking place across the country and loads of pets will be running for their lives. More dogs and cats go missing now than at any time of year and they can hear all sorts of noises we can’t. So if you have pets, here are some tips on what to do to keep them safe for Bonfire Night.

– Get your pets indoors before dark.
– Close curtains and inner doors to sound insulate as much as possible.
– Play calming music or leave radios on with gentle music playing.
– Make them somewhere they feel secure to hide in, put cushions under the edges of a bed for them to hide under, for example.
– Reassure them.
– Make sure locked catflaps are secure because cats can break out of them if they’re panicked.
– Make sure they’ve got water available where they hide as animals sweat through their paws when they’re scared.