Poor Mr Madonna

Even more details are leaking out about Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s split – most of which point the finger of blame in the direction of Madge and her very ‘unusual’ lifestyle.

According to the papers today, most of the problems in Madonna and Guy’s marriage stemmed from her regimented (and bizarre) daily routine which included up to five hours of exercise, Kabbalah meetings and sleeping in a plastic body suit.

According to the Mirror, Madonna was a control freak who wouldn’t let her kids watch TV as she believed it would stunt their development, only let the family eat steamed fish and veggies every night and rarely slept in the same bed as her husband because she would smother herself from head to toe in expensive creams (£500 a pot!).

Blimey. We’re lucky if we remember to take our make-up off before we go to bed.

Apparently, Madonna’s obsession with her career and looks became too much for Guy. He would have to leave the house to have a pie and a pint and was often left looking after the kids while Madge worked out. Family time was also pretty non-existent. After the gym Madonna would cart the children off to Kabbalah meetings without Guy.

We don’t reckon this is the end of the gossip that’s coming from camp Ritchie. We’re also pretty sure it won’t be long before team Madonna starts leaking her grievances about her soon-to-be ex.

Watch this space.

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