Public Services

For the Diploma in Public Services your course will look at 5 main areas:

1. Finding out about public services: Explore the whole spectrum of public services in the UK, including armed forces, education, law and order, health, plus local and central government.
2. Local communities: Look at local public services, and how they differ from nationally delivered public services.
3. Health and wellbeing in communities: See how public services assess, support and promote wellbeing for individuals and communities.
4. Protecting communities: Learn why people and communities need safety and protection, and how it’s provided.
5. Skills to work in public services: Discover the range of careers in public services, and the skills you need to work in them.

If you’re doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you will cover more areas including paying for, promoting and influencing public services, plus legislation, people management, collaborative working, funding and many more.

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These are some of the things you might do on your course:

* Explore the job roles of people in public services; those who develop, maintain and protect society
* Look at what local services are offered where you live
* Learn new communication methods to help you gather information and share it with the public
* See how important health and wellbeing is to your community
* Find out about safety and protection services, like the emergency services, trading standards and justice system, and how they work together

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