Reality TV-tastic

I love this time of the year because, for people like me, it’s reality TV heaven.

Since having kids, I don’t tend to go out as much as I used to, so the TV is one of my main forms of entertainment. And, boy, is there lots to watch!

I’m A Celebrity is back with its usual cast of misfits, trying not to whinge too much about being hungry, bitten non-stop and the monsoon rains.

It already looks as if George ‘Mr Sulu’ Takei is going to be this year’s star, while Robert Kilroy-Silk will be the one we all love to hate.

Then there’s the weekly action on X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

They’re both compulsive viewing for different reasons. Among other things, I love Louis Walsh’s bizarre way of clapping and the John Sergeant’s deliberate winding up of the judges hits new heights every week.

And to prove just how dedicated I am to reality TV, I even record the daily BBC2 spin-off series Strictly: It Takes Two so I don’t miss any of the gossip.

Am I the only addict out there?