Roasts are back!

I’ve already blogged about how I like the cold weather. This weekend I’m really getting into the spirit of winter by cooking my first roast in months.

My favourite is chicken. For a little twist I pour a can of cider over the bird once it’s in the baking dish. It adds a real kick to the gravy, which I make from the juices. I also add a teaspoon of gravy granules and hot water just to thicken it up and to make it go a bit further.

Everyone has their own little twists they add to their favourite dishes. For example, Louise adds a spoonful of peanut butter to her stir-fries for a crunch, Rob always puts lemon zest in his risottos to give them some zing and Jolene uses a square of dark chocolate to in her chilli to make it richer.

What do you do to add that little something extra to the meals you cook at home? I’d love to hear (and steal!) them.

PS This picture isn’t mine (I wish!) it’s the balsamic roast chicken from the site…