Run for the hills – it’s a button!

Our food ed, Anna, is frightened of wooden forks. Especially if they’re wet. With our site ed, Jolene, it’s frogs and with our health ed, Rob, it’s buttons.

Now, frogs I get. They’re slimy, jump all over the place and make weird noises, but wooden cutlery? Buttons? What’s wrong with them both?!

There are certainly things I don’t like that other people may not understand – like the sound of water being poured into a jug, earwigs, people who say supposebly instead of supposedly… but they don’t scare me.

I am, however, sympathetic to my colleagues’ strange phobias. I’m always ready to step in to protect Anna should she be taken by surprise in the canteen, am happy to wear zips and Velcro as much as possibly in the office, and, should the occasion ever arise, would even be prepared to rescue Jolene from any nasty amphibians were she cornered.

But where do these odd fears come from? Do you have any?