Sarah Wilson

Name: Sarah Wilson
Age: 21 Occupation: Student
Location: Andalucia, Spain

Although Sarah has been studying Spanish since her first year of secondary school, her skills really came into play during her gap year in South America. Starting her break teaching English to students in North-West Argentina, Sarah then got off the beaten track and travelled around the rest of the continent, finding her language skills essential.

Being in a totally different environment was a culture shock for Sarah, but she feels her ability to converse in Spanish got her out of several sticky situations and greatly enhanced her travels, which took her as far and wide as Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Sarah is now studying Modern History and Spanish at Oxford University and currently spending her third year in Andalucia, Spain, where she’s teaching in a bi-lingual secondary school.

She comments,

“Knowing another language has allowed me to make friends wherever I have lived, Argentina and here in Spain. Although I am nowhere near a native speaker I can get by, and I cannot imagine how hard life would be here without being able to converse.”