Scared for our kids

Are you scared for your kids? The other day my 11-year-old daughter asked if she could go into town with her friend and I felt scared to let her go

The 16-year-old boy who was murdered in Lee recently, comes from barely half an hour away from us and his tragic death has made me even more worried for my own children. I know you shouldn’t wrap them in cotton wool but when you hear how many under 16-year-olds get mugged you can’t help yourself.

Then there’s happy slapping. What’s happy about that? The fact that kids will stand around watch and even film when another child is being beaten up is truly horrific.

I wish I knew what the answer was although there’s no doubt in my mind that if a child is involved in anything like this the first port of call has to be the parents. If they’re made accountable for their children’s misdemeanors surely it must make a difference.

What do you think? What can we do to help our children and teenagers see that violence is not the way? I’d love to hear from you.

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Apester Lazyload