SHOCK! Jade Goody involved in club ‘fight’

Jade Goody was involved in a ‘scrap’ in an Essex nightclub over the weekend.

The former Big Brother contestant, 26, was snapped in a stand-off with a mystery fellow clubber while partying at The Players Lounge on Easter Sunday.

Jade, 26, was also pictured arguing with a bouncer, who is reported to have asked her to leave following the incident.

But she insists she was just defending herself.

‘I was provoked by some random stranger,’ Jade tells the Daily Star.

‘The bouncers in the club were really good and they sorted it out straight away. She didn’t get her hands on me and I didn’t get my hands on her…

‘I was not injured. I haven’t contacted the police about it.’

Witnesses claim the girls jumped at each other ‘like frenzied banshees’ and ‘their faces were touching – like they were snarling’.

‘Jade was a victim of an unprovoked attack by another girl,’ says Jade’s spokesperson. ‘She tried to defend herself and was not asked to leave.’

See Jade Goody’s confrontation here.

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