Super skittles craft for kids

Keep children entertained with this easy-to-make project from Woman’s Weekly. They’re so much fun, you’ll want to have a go yourself!

Transform old bottles with rainbow-coloured paints, add a funny face and a ball and recycle them into fun and funky skittles!

You will need

* 6 clean, empty plastic bottles with screw-top lids
* Approximately 300g rice
* All-purpose household glue
* Acrylic paints and a brush
* A tennis ball or similar

Skittles made from plastic bottles


1. Undo the lids of all six bottles and pour approx 50g of rice into each bottle to weigh it. Run a line of glue around the inside of the lids before screwing them back on to the bottles.

2. Using our picture as a guide, decide on the ‘neck’, and paint the top part of your bottles a light shade for the head, then paint the body in a darker shade of the same colour. Leave to dry.

3. Paint waves or splodges on the body using the lighter shade. Paint the lids as hats with a contrasting hatband. Paint a row of dots in between the head and the body. Finally, use a fine paintbrush to paint in a face and strands of hair on the head. Leave to dry completely before setting your skittles up for a game!

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