So long Robert!

Robert Kilroy-Silk was the first person to get booted off I’m A Celebrity… last night

The MEP and ex-TV presenter got the least viewers votes and had to leave the jungle with his tail between his legs.

We can’t say we’re totally surprised, but we also think Timmy Mallett should thank his lucky stars he had immunity from this week’s eviction. Is anyone else out there close to throwing the TV set out the window every time he’s on?!

Another thing we’d like to talk about from last night’s programme is Kilroy’s slightly inappropriate outpouring of love for his wife Jan when his exit interview was over.

What was the point in screaming out ‘I love you Jan! I love you Jan!’ at the top of his voice when he was going to be with her in a matter of seconds when the show went off air?

Maybe he just couldn’t wait to give her that ‘sexy kiss’ he was telling Ant and Dec all about. Yuck!