Sometimes it’s hard to be a mum

Shock, horror, stop the traffic… my sister’s just stopped breastfeeding. After 24 long days she’s absolutely exhausted, suffering from high blood pressure and has decided that the best thing for her and baby Elizabeth is to start bottle-feeding instead.

And boy has she been through the emotional wringer making that decision. She spent days talking to me, her husband, the health visitor and our mum about whether she should. ‘I don’t know what I’m going to be putting in her body now,’ she told me.

She’s in no way unique to every other new mum across the country. Each of them has had to a) make the decision to breastfeed or not from the word go and then b) if they do decide to breastfeed, see how long they can last at it.

So because my sister loves her baby more than anything else and wants to do the right thing I stand by her decision and feel sad that she feels she’s failed. It’s a mother’s choice about what’s best for her baby. Breast or no breast, I’m here to support her.