Soothe chapped skin

How many conversations have you had with strangers about how cold the weather is lately? Just as predictable is getting chapped lips and dry skin during this weather too.

The reason our skin suffers so much in winter is because we go from a dry, warm centrally-heated house or office into the cold air.

Hands and lips are the areas of the body that seem to suffer most, mainly because they are more exposed than other areas and are naturally a bit dryer than other parts of the body – plus lips don’t have oil glands to keep them moist or protected from the cold air.

If you’ve got sore, flaky lips the best thing you can do is use a lip balm. If your lips are very dry and flaky a more waxy lip balm may be better for you, such as Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
For everyday maintenance those little tins of Vaseline Lip Therapy are great – and they now come in four different varieties: original, aloe vera, rose and almond oil and SPF15 – and they’re only 99p.

For chapped skin use a really rich moisturiser day and night and before you leave the house. A tube of Norwegian Formula Hand Cream is being sold every 7 seconds at the moment – because it really works.

Watch GP and skin expert Trisha Macnair explain why our skin gets dry and share her tips on how to prevent getting dry skin this winter.

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