Sport and Active Leisure

The Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure will start from September 2010, in schools and colleges in different areas of the country.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn…

For the Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure your course will look at 3 main areas:

1. The individual: Explore how important an active and healthy lifestyle is, as well as how the body works and the impact of unhealthy choices like smoking and drinking.
2. The industry: Learn all about the sport and active leisure industry, and who works in it, including sports clubs, specialist colleges, commercial sponsors and funding agencies like Sport England and the National Lottery.
3. The community: Find out why the sport and active leisure industry is described as ‘people-centred’, developing the all-important customer service and relationship building skills you’ll need to succeed in it.

If you’re doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you will cover more areas including the design and development of new products, anatomy, physiology, government policy, the role of the media, communication techniques and many more.

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These are some of the things you might do on your course:

* Learn about, and practice, the ‘people skills’ that are so important in this industry
* Look at the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and how it can develop self-confidence
* Learn how to motivate yourself, and others, in sport or activities, with coaching, planning and officiating
* See how the body works, and analyse the benefits of healthy eating and an active lifestyle
* Explore the huge variety of career pathways in sport and leisure, and the UK industry as a whole

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