Stella hired on The Apprentice

Lord Alan Sugar picked Stella English over Chris Bates as his new Apprentice last night.

The 31-year-old impressed the tycoon in the final task to design, manufacture and market a new alcoholic drink.

Lord Alan also recognised that Stella had more business experience over the much younger Chris, 24.

‘What I’ve seen over the past weeks Stella is that clearly you are a great organiser of people,’ he told her. ‘You do know how to handle a team.

‘Well liked and determined to get on with whatever you’re asked to do, I’ve also taken note of where you have come from; the fact that at an early age you never had any qualifications and then went out of your way to train yourself. That shows me a lot of determination.’

Stella says she always knew she’d get the £100,000-a-year job with Lord Alan.

‘I felt I would win,’ she says. ‘I know that if I set my heart on something I will achieve it. I know I came across ad quiet, serious and competitive but that is me in a business situation; I do have a softer side.’

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