Suzy Ratcliffe

Name: Suzy Ratcliffe
Age: 20 Occupation: Student Location: Exeter

Suzy is currently enjoying the sun in Andalusia, Southern Spain, where she’s working as a teaching assistant in a rural secondary school. She’s having a brilliant time and after just a month in the country has already made a group of Spanish friends.

Following a French exchange at the age of 10, Suzy has always had a real passion for languages and travel. Although already a competent French and German speaker, she only started learning her third language as part of her French & Spanish degree at Exeter University. Therefore, she’s finding her immersion in the Spanish culture invaluable and hopes to achieve fluency in the coming year.

Suzy definitely wants to use her language skills after she graduates, and is considering a career as a teacher. She feels it’s important for children to start learning languages as early as possible and would love to inspire the next generation of linguists.

On the benefits of languages, she says,

“I particularly like the freedom knowing another language offers – you can meet so many people and chat to the locals without feeling like a tourist. Languages help you fit in – they’re cool and exciting and life is so much better in general if you can learn one.”