Ta ra, I’m off!

I am so excited! I’m going on hoiday! I’m not going anywhere posh or fancy and it’s not sunny but I don’t care.

I can’t tell you where it is because I like to keep it a secret. It’s such a special place to me that I’m scared that everyone will want to go once they know where it is.

I’ve known this place all my life and it feels like home. My family always think of it as a little bolt hole for when things get too much. My granny, who lives there, always says, ‘If Adam Hassan starts a war, you can come up here and be safe, he won’t get you here.’ She means Saddam Hussein, and she’s not only forgotten his name but also the fact that he’s dead. But I take her point and her kindness.

I probably won’t do anything special on holiday. I’ll just take some time for myself. I’ll go swimming, walk along the beach, roller skate along the promenade, I’ll see my mad old granny and she’ll speak in a language that I don’t understand. I’ll have breakfast in bed, walk up a mountain, have fish and chips on the pier and maybe go to the local working men’s club and play bingo. I cannot wait!

So adios, or da boch chi, as they say where I’m going.