Tempest the temptress

My nephew is 10, and the last time I saw him he was in every way still a little kid. He liked playing silly games and watching cartoons but something’s happened to my nephew. At 10-and-a-half he’s switched from thinking girls are ‘gross’ and annoying to them being, well, brilliant!

Three alarming occurrences in one weekend brought this to my attention. First he snatched a magazine out of my hands in a desperate attempt to see pictures of Jodie Marsh with everything hanging out. Saturday had him ogling over the female wrestlers in his computer game and Sunday brought the Gladiators final.

‘Tempest is so fit, I well fancy her’, were the words that came out of Tom’s mouth. Little Tom, who talked to snails and was fascinated by men with moustaches now loves Jodie Marsh and Tempest from Gladiators!

‘Really Tom, you like her?’ I said, taken aback by the sudden change. ‘Who wouldn’t’, came the reply. ‘All my mates do’.

So, there you have it. Tempest from Gladiators is the current favourite of pre-pubescent boys around the country. So what’s next? Tom walking down the aisle in 10 years with a girl? Let’s pray it’s a phase…