The baby name debate

Everyone around me is having babies at the moment and I just love it.

Meeting my family and friends’ new additions is so exciting, but my favourite part of the whole thing is finding out what they’re calling their little ones.

So far this year there’s been a Matilda, an Oscar, an Ellie, a Zach, a Henry, a Ruby and two Jakes.

I’ve not got kids yet, but my other half and I get sadly excited about discussing what we’ll call them when we do. We both prefer old-fashioned names like Lily and Rose, Harry and George, although I must admit I really like some of the more unusual names your hear these days.

I know my mum would never forgive me, but I can’t help being drawn to baby names like Storm and Blue. She argues they aren’t ‘real names’, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a bit different – do you?