The perfect present mission

Christmas has arrived! Well, it has in our office. For the last month or so I’ve been working on ‘project Christmas’. It’s our brand new area on the site full of gift ideas and lovely baking recipes as well as a turkey timer and handy budget calculator. Have you seen it yet?

I’ve already started my Christmas shopping – I do all mine online because I save loads of money that way. I also seem to spend less on myself. If I’m out and about I get distracted by the shoe shops and if I’m shopping for my sisters-in-law on the beauty counters I seem to operate a one for me, one for them policy which is no good at all for my credit card.

But my brother is the hardest man on earth to buy for so I’ll be turning to our gift guide for help. My mum said that even when he we little he used to ask for one thing repeatedly in the run-up to Christmas: ‘Please can I have a Superman? Please can I have a Superman? I’d really like a Superman.’ Dear Santa, please can I have a Superman? And then on Christmas Eve he’d say: ‘I really hope I get a Spiderman.’ And my mum would reply, ‘What?!’ I thought you wanted a Superman?’ staring glumly at his present under the tree. ‘No. A Spiderman,’ he would insist. So even if you get him exactly what he’s asked for he’ll still be disappointed – you can see why I need all the help I can get.

He’s a 33-year-old who lives in London with his wife and four kids. What would you buy him? Any ideas?