Tiny vitamins, anyone?

I don’t think I’ve ever kept a new year’s resolution in my life, so I don’t know how I expected to keep this years’. Anyway, I decided my resolution was to eat more healthily and I have tried.

Every weekend I’ve been buying a lot more fruit and veg when I go to the supermarket although in reality it’s more a case of force feeding it to the kids and hiding the fact I haven’t had any myself. It’s not easy trying to like the healthy stuff after years of eating rubbish. Especially when I’ve liked eating rubbish so much. I even like kebabs and these days that’s about as bad as admitting you eat roadkill.

Anyway, there’s clearly a long way to go so I decided I needed to use supplements to try and balance things out before I implode or something horrible. Trouble is, I can’t swallow big tablets. I went along the shelf at Tesco shaking containers of vitamin pills in the hope of ‘hearing’ something that sounded small but I swear the ones I ended up buying should be inserted not swallowed – they’re huge!!! Anyone know of any small multivitamins? Please let me know. Most of my friends take vitamins and stuff, do yours? And do you give them to your kids? I bought some chewy ones for mine and they wolfed them down like they were sweets so then I was worried they’d had an overdose. Sometimes there’s no winning, is there?!