Toilet, duck!

Why do household disasters always strike in the early hours of the morning?
Around 2am I was woken by the sound of dripping. Were my noisy neighbours trying a new tactic to annoy me? No, it wasn’t my neighbours, it was my toilet. Water dripping from the handle, from the cistern, from the bowl, everywhere. Great!

When disaster strikes, I get my toolbox out, which is what I did. Have you ever seen the inside of a toilet? Domestos might be able to kill 99.9% of all known germs. Dead. But has it ever been tested on the sort of life forms that live inside my loo?

According to my sister, I’m good in a crisis, although I was chucked out of the Brownies and never made the Girl Guides, so where I got this crisis-fighting ability or talent for fixing toilets, I’ll never know. Anyway, I soon got to the bottom of the problem (sorry).

So, it’s 3am, every tea towel I own is covering the bathroom floor soaking up the water and I’m a jelly mould down – I had to use my favourite one to bail out the water and stuff…

With the credit crunch, well, crunching, there’s no way I’m spending a small fortune on a plumber, I’ve got a toolbox and I’m going to use it! Besides, like my sister says, I’m good in a crisis.