Tom & Cher’s date

Singer says he was ‘shy’ when they first met

Cher has broken her silence on her secret relationship with Tom Cruise – saying she was totally smitten with him.

The singer had a fling with the actor, 16 years her junior, in the 80s after meeting at a White House fundraiser.

They split just a few months later because of their filming schedules.

But Cher, 61, still has fond memories of how she brought Tom, 45, out of his shell.

‘He was shy,’ she told Oprah Winfrey at a recording of her show, to be aired on US TV next month.

‘He said he felt like such a boob in school and nobody talked to him.

‘We went on a date once for dinner in a New York restaurant and the waitress was from his old school.

‘He told me she never talked to him back in school, but now he was recognised he got all her attention.

‘It could have been a great big romance because I was crazy for him.’

Meanwhile, Tom is considering running a long-distance race after wife Katie Holmes, 29, completed the New York Marathon in November.

‘When he saw her running that race, something kicked inside him and he decided he’d have to do it – possibly in Boston,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror. ‘That’s the kind of guy he is.’

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