Travel and Tourism

For the Diploma in Travel and Tourism your course will look at 5 main areas:

1. Planning journeys: Look at modes of passenger transport and travel routes to plan a trip.
2. Destinations: Learn about local, national and international visitor destinations.
3. Customer experience: See how important customer service is to this sector.
4. Working in travel and tourism: Look at all the different careers in the industry.
5. Products and services: Work in a team to create and deliver a new product or service.

If you’re doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you will cover more areas including promotion and sales, the business environment, people in travel and tourism, cultures, environmental influences, image, perception, technology, economic and political influences – plus many more.

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These are some of the things you might do on your course:

* Find out what attractions your local area has to offer visitors
* Market and sell a product or service that you’ve created
* Develop customer service skills
* Learn about travel, different destinations and modes of transport
* Explore all types of tourism services, like guiding and information centres

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