Vegetable Macaroni Bake

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This week the Kangs tried Vegetable Macaroni Bake and it was a full family affair with everybody chipping in with the prep work!

“We were looking forward to this recipe because we cook with aubergines and courgettes a lot in curries and love them. I hadn’t had sweet potato for years though. It sounds silly, but we didn’t realise it would be that sweet!”

“It was simple enough to prepare – I got Sunny to prepare the vegetables for me and he partly cooked the pasta too! It was very simple with very little washing up, which we always like. I don’t always get the girls to help me when I’m cooking but they really love to peel and chop vegetables now, so that’s an added bonus of being a Star Family!”

“The girls loved it and even took it the leftovers to school the next day for lunch. They said it was fine eaten cold, so we have another option for their packed lunches now.”

Watch Woman’s Own chef Ben Dakin prepare the Vegetable Macaroni Bake now!

Britain's Doing it with DolmioBritain's Doing it with DolmioBritain's Doing it with Dolmio