Warm up – doctor’s orders!

Last week I visited an acupuncturist. In a two-hour-long introductory session, where he asked me the most personal questions one stranger can ask another, he also took my pulse and asked to see my tongue. ‘Your nutritional/digestive pulse is dead,’ he told me. I felt a bit scared. It’s never good when someone tells you a part of you is dead, is it? ‘Are you often cold?’ he asked. ‘Always,’ I replied.

‘Right, we need to sort out your diet,’ he told me. I was very surprised. As food and diets ed, I’m pretty good on nutrition and eating a balanced, healthy diet, so I thought I was quite angelic.

One of the things he told me was that I need to have warming foods and drinks. He suggested I have warm milk with my muesli for breakfast, hot food for lunch and a hot dinner. And as I love bagels, yogurts and fruit juice, I wasn’t best pleased.

And then it dawned on me. I could eat my favourite soup every single day to fight off the freezing cold and warm myself up – what’s not to like?! So there might be a shortage of onions around here as I make up a bathtub full of French onion soup to last me the winter. And when I get bored of that I’m going to start at the top of our soup recipes collection and work my way through it. So if you have any great soup recipes, please send them in to me, I need them! Acupuncturist’s orders!

Apester Lazyload