Watch Cherie’s dance and Laura’s song again

We don’t know about you but we had a pretty emotional weekend in front of the TV.

Cherie Lunghi’s rumba on Strictly Come Dancing was our favourite performance of the series so far. We’ve never seen Arlene the ice queen that moved before and we’re glad she admitted to having a lump in her throat as we did too! Click on the clip below to watch her and and James again.

Poor old Jessie Wallace, though. There’s no denying she’s not a natural dancer, but she tried so hard and really wanted to stay. Would you have liked to have seen more of her?

X Factor was just as brilliant. Although, much as we love him, we’re surprised Daniel Evans made it through to next week’s show. Do you think they made the right decision?

We were spoilt for choice with best bits from the first live show, but the goodtoknow office has voted and Laura White’s version of Songbird came out on top. So, click on the YouTube clip below to watch again.