Watch Diana and Eoghan crying again

What a weekend of television! Where to start, where to start?!

We have to kick off with Diana Vickers being kicked off X Factor – or rather, Eoghan Quigg’s very emotional outburst when the results were announced.

It’s all over the papers today that Diana’s boyfriend, Chris, isn’t too pleased about Eoghan’s gushing tears and him telling Diana he loved her on live television. And we can’t say we blame him! Click on the clip below to watch it again. What do you think?

Then there was Austin Healey getting voted off Strictly Come Dancing. The one-time favourite danced, in our opinion, his best dance ever – a very cheeky cha cha cha, but it wasn’t enough to keep him in the show. Enjoy his hip action again in the clip below.

And finally, the lovely Joe Swash won I’m A Celebrity… We were so pleased for him – he was the most entertaining, up-front, down to earth celeb in there this year. Well done to the new King of the Jungle! Click on the clip below to watch his ‘best bits’ again.