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I’m glued to the telly at the moment because there’s so many good food programmes on and even more to look forward to! So there’s Heston Blumenthal trying to sort out British institution Little Chef, beef expert John Torode and veg master Gregg Wallace in tasting heaven on Masterchef and we’ve also got The Great British Food Fight. Tonight, it’s a Dispatches special with food critic and author Jay Rayner, and Heston Blumenthal looking at the true cost of cheap food.

Now this is a subject close to all our hearts. As the credit crunch bites we’re all trying to save a few quid on our supermarket shopping, whether it’s by using coupons, going for two-for-ones or other offers, or switching our favourite brands for cheaper budget lines from supermarket own-brands. But does budget mean low quality and is our own health and nutrition suffering because we’re trying to save money? The answer, sadly, seems to be yes.

But apparently, for very little extra cost, supermarkets could improve the quality of their cheapest foods and only put a small dent in their huge profits. Don’t you think they have a responsibility to us, their loyal customers, to do that when times get tough? Let me know what you think.

The True Cost of Cheap Food, Thursday 22nd January, Channel 4, 8pm

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