Wayne & Coleen’s blessing void?

Catholic service for WAG and new husband Wayne Rooney took place at deconsecrated monastery

Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin’s wedding blessing has come under question.

Father Mario Ostigoni claims the Catholic service at Italy’s La Cervara is void – as the converted monastery is not authorised for religious services.

‘La Cervara was not suitable as it is deconsecrated,’ he says. ‘How can the Catholic Church approve a marriage blessing or marriage service if it took place within an unsuitable venue? La Cervara has not been a recognised venue for months.’

He says Wayne and Coleen, both 22, had been told of the problem in advance of their wedding, but had decided to go ahead with the ceremony in Portofino.

Coleen’s family priest Father Edward Quinn conducted the religious service after the couple legally wed in a civil service in front of the town’s mayer.

But the couple’s spokesman dismisses the claims. ‘They are definitely married, legally and in the eyes of the church,’ he tells the Daily Mirror. ‘Everything was checked out well in advance and everything was planned down to the last detail.’

The couple, who returned to Liverpool on Saturday, are today heading off to a secret location for their week-long honeymoon.

Apester Lazyload