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Replen 10® is a high quality range of anti-ageing products that contain an advanced collagen and hyaluronic acid formula. It provides instant results after just one application through rapid infiltration of the deep layers of the skin and can also help reduce dark circles and bags, repair the skin after lengthy exposure to the sun and achieve optimal levels of skin moisture.
In a clinical study*: 100% of women who used Replen 10® achieved 51% fewer wrinkles
100% of women felt an immediate refreshing and hydrating effect
93% of women found their Œcrow¹s feet¹ wrinkles were reduced

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We are so confident that Replen10® can give you exactly what you want, that if you¹re not satisfied, for whatever reason, we will refund your money up to 2 years from when you purchased the item!

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*The study was undertaken voluntarily by 25 women between the ages of 40 and 70 years. Each member of the study adhered to strict protocols established by the independent Paris laboratory.