What a load of Feng Shui

I’ve just written an article for the site on Feng Shui.

When Jolene first asked me to write the piece, I must admit my first reaction was, ‘what a load of rubbish!’

But now, having read into it and talked to Louise, the Office Alternative Practices Guru, I’ve been converted.

I’ve always had really strong feelings about my, and other people’s, houses. When we bought our flat I loved it from the moment I walked in – it just ‘felt right’ and I put the offer down without my other half even seeing it.

I’m now starting to wonder if this had something to do with its Feng Shui. The wooden-floored lounge is in the centre of the flat with the bathroom tucked away out of view. The French windows bring in loads of light and the bedroom is uncluttered with the bed central and not facing the door. All good Feng Shui.

Have you ever tried moving your furniture round according to Feng Shui rules?