What a perfect day!

Weddings always make me cry. I don’t even have to be there to start welling up. Whether it’s on the telly or I’m reading about it in a magazine, I’m a complete slushball.

Heaven only knows what state I’ll be in when my own kids get married. I’ll have to spend the whole time looking at the floor. Although now I come to think about it, it’s not just weddings that set me off. I was just as bad when I went to see Billy Elliot. Not wanting to draw attention to myself I sat there with tears streaming down my face and didn’t wipe them away. When the lights went up for the interval Martin said I looked like someone had squirted me in the face with a garden hose!

Anyway, despite the tears it is my all-time favourite musical and I’d see it again like a shot. Although I probably would take a box of tissues with me!

Back to weddings though. As some of you may already know I’m also editor of a weekly magazine called Pick Me Up. We’ve got a fantastic story this week that I wanted to share with you. It’s about Mhairi and Derek who wanted their wedding to be different so they persuaded their guests to mime to Perfect Day and filmed it.

Remember that song? If you don’t, watch the video below. And even if you do, watch the video below! It’s just fabulous. And if you want to read the story of how the idea came about and how the couple made it happen, it’s all in this week’s Pick Me Up. Enjoy!

Apester Lazyload