‘When did I start Mum Dancing?’

The other day I was dancing in the kitchen to a David Bowie Greatest Hits CD when the kids came in. They laughed so hard I thought they were going to keel over. I was really hacked off!

Then I remembered splitting my sides at the sight of my mum dancing in the kitchen and how cross she’d been. What goes around, comes around, eh?

I suppose Mum Dancing is always going to be funny to the kids, but maybe I should call their bluff and make a video of myself doing a Girls Aloud number in the kitchen, post it on YouTube and become a star. Who’s laughing? I heard that!

I’m not really going to do it, don’t worry. But in Pick Me Up this week (the magazine I edit, remember?) we’ve got a story about a girl called Sophie Merry whose mate videoed her dancing in the back garden and posted it on YouTube. She’s now the new face of the clothing chain Etam.

I’ve been studying the video (below) to get some tips. Maybe I could be the new face of Poundland! Ha ha!