When pets turn bad

Sometimes I think keeping animals is just more trouble that it’s worth. I love my pets dearly, as I have loved all the animals I’ve kept throughout my life but sometimes they drive me up the wall.

Like yesterday for example. I returned home from work, ready to have another stab at unpacking boxes (which I didn’t quite finish last weekend), tired and hungry. I enter the living room to see my gerbils, Daisy and Marsha, rolling about in a white fluffy paradise.

Has someone given them some extra bedding I wonder, as I approach the cage. No. They’ve only gone and eaten a massive hole in our brand new curtains, ripped the entire lining out and are having the time of their lives. I don’t even know how they got hold of the material. They must have stuck their tiny, little, mischievious hands out the bars, grabbed a piece and pulled it through.

Not even a week I’ve been in my new place and they’ve already lost me a big chunk of my damage deposit! I told my boyfriend when he got home and he just muttered something about the gerbils not being one of my best ideas. Thanks Chris. Very helpful. I hope my landlord doesn’t read this!