When recycling is a full-time job

Do you remember the days when recycling meant a trip to the local bottle bank with the evidence from a weekend’s drinking?

Nowadays, where I live ‘doing your bit’ for the environment seems to get more complicated than ever.

From next week, my local council is putting yet more new recycling measures into place and I, for one, am getting a little confused.

Crammed into a tiny space in our front garden, we now have 5 different containers for different types of waste.

There’s the normal dustbin, a paper box, a tub for glass and plastic, a kitchen waste container and, the latest addition, a nappy bucket.

To make things more complicated they are now collected at different intervals – some every week and some every fortnight.

It makes my head spin and I can’t be the only one. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to run outside at 5am on a Thursday morning in my pyjamas and put out a bin that I’d forgotten about – fortunately, there aren’t many people about at that time.

Since when did ‘being green’ become such an effort?