Who gets custody of the dogs?

Cheryl Cole and husband Ashley will have to thrash out an agreement over who gets their dogs if they decide to divorce.

The Girls Aloud star and the Chelsea footballer – who announced their separation on Tuesday – have pet Chihuahuas Buster and Coco.

Legal experts predict that a divorce could be finalised in weeks because Cheryl, 26, and Ashley, 29, have no kids.

‘By May or June this could all be over – unless one party is really wanting to take the other party to the cleaners,’ solicitor Mark Stephens tells the Daily Mirror.

‘And I can’t believe they’d be advised to do that in circumstances where they are both independently wealthy.

‘I think they’ll both go their separate ways as discreetly as possible. I think it will be carried out behind closed doors.’

Cheryl and Ashley have a estimated joint fortune of £26million, which experts predict they will share equally.

The split follows allegations that Ashley cheated on The X Factor judge.

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