Who was fired?

Mona Lewis was the latest candidate to be axed on The Apprentice last night.

The former beauty queen, 28, was given the boot after her team lost a task to re-brand Margate.

Sir Alan Sugar, 62, felt Mona had shown no inventiveness throughout the contest.

‘I don’t see any creativity here and I have to start thinking about where you would slot into my organisation,’ he told her.

‘You spoke about the pier in Margate and it looks to me that you might be at the end of the pier in this process. You’re fired!’

Mona insists she’s happy to go – because she was missing her six-year-old son Ryan.

‘I’d got to a point where I really could not go any more, it was really, really tough,’ she says.

Mona is now thinking of becoming a topless model.

‘I bumped into Jordan just before the show and she was saying how much cash she’d made from being a model,’ she tells The Sun.

‘I don’t have big enough boobs to be like Jordan, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I’d be mad to say no if it made me a million dollars.’

 The Apprentice: Mona Lewis

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