Why does eating junk have to taste so good?

I don’t smoke, or drink that much but I have one vice and it’s takeaways. I think I’m addicted. If I go for a week without a curry or a pizza then I feel really pleased with myself and as a reward, guess what I do? ‘Hello, Domino’s pizza…’

This is starting to cause me some bother. I’ve got my dad’s skinny genes which have so far stopped me from putting on loads of weight and so in the past I’ve struggled to find an incentive. I know my heart is crying inside but it’s just not enough to kick me into the supermarket and out of Subway.

However, my latest bank balance is.

What with buying lunch at work and my love of home delivered food of an evening, I’m spending far too much on eating! Money that could be spent on nice shoes (my other vice) or anything that will make me happy for longer than 15 minutes, is being thrown away on food that’s ruining me. So it’s got to stop.

If I don’t change my ways I’ll be broke and living out of a Domino’s pizza box before I know it. Can anyone help?