Why I’m already dreading christmas shopping!

Sorry to be all bah humbug about Crimbo as it’s only September but I don’t think I have the energy to face the Christmas rush.

I went up town at the weekend and the streets were packed. The crowds could be separated into two groups: the dawdlers and the busy bees. The busy bees pushed, barged and elbowed their way through, leaving casualties as they shopped. The dawdlers didn’t get physical, their skill was mental. They stood in the way, at the top of staircases and escalators, stepped in front of me every time I tried to overtake them, stopped to wonder at a pretty dress just as I was about to reach for the rail – grrrr! I was angry and bruised!

At one point I really lost it. I was waiting for a lift, at first it was just me and a blind man. By the time the lift arrived other shoppers had turned up and pushed me and the blind man out of the way. The lift door started to close so, although I was in a state of shock by the rush and rudeness of people, I stepped forward to stop the door from closing so the blind man could get on. Then the lift was full and I couldn’t get in, so just as the doors were closing, I shouted b*******s!

I know it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. Imagine what it’s going to be like in December?